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CALC 2013

Cape Town Presentation!
WWT4 attended the CALC conference 2013 in Cape Town. Our presentation, in conjunction with the Isle of Man staff, covered all the latest innovations by WWT4 in the field of legislative publishing and legislative drafting.

Should you need any further details on the iLAWS system, and how it can benefit your jurisdiction, just EMAIL us here.


No matter how easy  a system is to use there is always a need to provide a support agreement. Support questions can result from staff changes, technical issues, or changed circumstances that require new processes to be implemented. iLAWS offers users a complete support solution that covers every aspect of the usage of the product.

Application Updates

Application updates

Any form of software requires periodic updates to cure bugs, add new features or remain compatible with other software. iLAWS updates are included in the yearly support agreement, but also available to clients without an agreement on a fixed update cost basis.

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Many companies offer support via a job ticketing system. The main disadvantage of this system is that the answer to a specific query is generally not available to any other user of the same software until they ask the same question. When you purchase iLAWS you are given a user name and password to access the client only section of this site. There you will see a forum which will display the answer to every problem every raised about iLAWS. This not only eliminates the disadvantage with a ticketing system but creates a community of users where advice and support can come from other users, all of which can help to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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On-line help

Components such as Open Office have their own interactive support tools. The web component of iLAWS has a HELP button on every page of the administration or user visible pages. The help pages are maintained on the iLAWS web server so any changes to the help pages will immediately be available to all users with an internet connection.

Screen Management

Screen management

Should a user have a very technical issue they can't explain then they can receive additional help in the form of screen assisted help. By placing a small application that they will receive from iLAWS technical staff onto their computer and launching the application they can invite the technical staff to share their computer screen. Here the support staff can see the problem for themselves and either rectify the issue, or observe while the person follows the instructions to correct the problem. The process can be enhanced by either using a telephone link of by joining a skype call between support staff and the client.

Screen Management

Video processes

Most work-flow processes involved in iLAWS are available as a video download from the client section of this site.



Training can take many forms depending on the task and the number of staff involved. Training available includes:

  • On-Site training with training manual supplied with the purchase
  • On-line interactive training via a combination of screen management sessions¬† while using skype
  • Specific request to provide a new video tutorial on a specific subject



e-mail support is available via the CONTACT US page.

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